...beneath Juliet’s sunny, unpretentious facade lies some extraordinary sourcing underpinned by a boatload of refined technique. It would be easy to clock Juliet as a sort of modern, hip-looking diner, but it has rather more to offer than that.
— The Improper Bostonian

So, Juliet is a café, or a restaurant, or...?

Yes. And yes. In the same space, Juliet operates both a full service restaurant, and as a more casual café during the day. Same address, same place, same people. You can see our café menus, here. And our dinner menus, here, and here.

Got it, so Juliet takes reservations?

Yes. For our prix fixe menu experience, Juliet takes reseravations, which are pre paid, like a ticket to a show. Tickets for dinner are available Wednesday through Saturday.

But, this isn't the only way to visit Juliet. The café is always walk ins only, for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. We also serve an a la carte dinner menu, Wednesday through Saturday, which we don't reserve for (so, always room for walk ins!). And on Sunday evening we serve an early dinner, 5-8 PM, which we don't take reservations for either. Here is the menu.

Wait, I have to pre pay for my dinner?

Well, no. You don't have to. You can walk in for a la carte dinner, or Sunday Supper, and there is no expectation to pre pay. We love our a la carte dinner and Sunday Supper menus, and know you will too!

We do ask that you purchase tickets for our prix fixe dinner experience. We only have 16 seats to fill at Juliet, and can only serve about 30 guests each night. We purchase ingredients and plan our schedule based on ticket sales. This helps us control costs and share profits with our team (more on that below).

Also, even one table that no shows for their reservation can have a devestating impact on our business. Unlike some larger restaurants, there aren't any empty seats here, we often have to deny reservations to people that want them because the tables are full and we are saving space for our walk in diners. It is not very nice to those turned away if a table goes unused, and it is impossible for us to afford.

We do have a generous cancellation policy. If something comes up, we'll work with you to sort it out.

And about that cancellation policy...?

Simple. Your tickets are fully refundable until one week before your reservation. No questions asked.

Between one week and 24 hours before your reservation, your tickets will be refunded 50%, and within 24 hours, your tickets become non refundable.

UNLESS, we are able to rebook your table. We will never charge you if your table has been rebooked for the evening. We keep an active waiting list and will do everything we can to book it. Maybe you know someone who would like to take your table? We will be happy to transfer your tickets and will appreciate your help.

The same applies if you need to move your reservation to a future date.

Makes sense, almost... you're telling me I get dinner and a show?

More like, dinner is a show. Everything at Juliet is all in one room. The diners, the staff, the kitchen, the glassware and other tableware storage, all of the wine...

At a lot of restaurants, the goal is to make everything appear effortless, as food and beverage (and staff), seem to materialize out of thin air. Juliet is the opposite.

We've kept everying in full view and we want to share with you our entire process. You can see everything that happens here, and we take a lot of care to ensure that what you see, hear, and experience, along with what you taste, mixes together to create a unique andn memorable experience.

This isn't a show that you watch from the audience. This is a show you are a part of.

Sounds great, so this is a special occasion thing then?

We LOVE special occasions, and we hope you will let us know so we can celebrate with you. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, let us be a part of your special night, whatever it is. We'll remember forever, and will do our very best to make sure you do to.

BUT that's not all we do here. Although this is a tasting style menu, presented by a team of professionals very serious about what we are doing here, we take a lot of care to make a meal a Juliet as comfortable as it is special.

And remember, a la carte service is always available during dinner hours, and our café is also a great way to have your first Juliet experience.

Sign me up! How do I get there Where do I park?

Juliet is located in the center of Union Square, Somerville, at the intersection of Washington St and Webster Ave. The number 86 bus stops right outside our front door, and the 92 stops very nearby. These bus lines are easily accessible from the Orange and Red T lines.

If you prefer to drive, there is parking available in a public, metered lot, about a quarter mile from the restaurant. There is also street parking readily available on both sides of Washtington St, where Juliet is located.

If using GPS, please be sure to use the address 21 Union Square.

Ok, so what's the trick to getting a table then? Are you always full?

Well, yes, we are full most nights of the week, especially Fridays and Saturdays. But we only fill completely 1 - 2 days ahead of time. So just plan ahead, a little bit.

If you can't find what you need on our ticketing page, give us a call at 617-718-0958. We'll do our best to find space for you if we have it.

Tips are included in the price? Cool.

Not exactly. There actually is no tip at all. When servers work for tips, they make a sub minimum wage (barely more than 3$ an hour), and they count on every dollar of those tips to make up a basic wage.

Juliet doesn't operate that way. All staff are paid a living wage (above minimum, and WELL above what would be the tipped minimum). This includes servers, cooks, support staff, and dishwashers.

That doesn't mean there is no incentive to deliver great service and provide an exceptional hospitality experience. There is actually an even bigger incentive:

At Juliet, all staff participate in a profit sharing arrangement with the owners of the restaurant. We count on your having a great time, and returning again and again, with friends. There is absolutely no expectation that you tip. In fact, we prefer that you don't. We work for wages, and for you; but not tips.