Joshua lewin

Joshua Lewin is a cook, entrepreneur, and storyteller, who boldly mixes technique and mediums into a unique and immersive experience, whether at the table, on the page, or beyond.

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Joshua Lewin grew up in the kitchen. Equal parts refuge and exploratorium, the kitchen provided a set of familiar sights and sounds amid an otherwise uncertain childhood, as well as an limitless lens into the near and far possibilities of the world around him. 

Wonder and experiment gave way to summer jobs, and then further to opportunities to excel professionally without a requisite college degree, or even at first...long term direction. The kitchen remained a professional refuge amid Lewin’s service in the United States Marine Corps, and was still waiting for him when other industries failed to capture his attention. 

These would remain just jobs though, until the mentorship of Jason Bond, of Bondir, leading to his chance to guide and breathe fresh life into the classic institution, Beacon Hill Bistro, where he introduced and honed a highly personal style of cooking, and service which fuses French technique and standardization to a wide ranging vision. 

Upon leaving the bistro, Lewin took the opportunity to train briefly with James Beard Award winning Vikram Sunderam of Rasika and Dominique Crenn at her then solitary, two Michelin starred, Atelier Crenn, before embarking on the process of iteration and development that became Juliet. 

In addition to the widely recognized restaurant, Juliet, Lewin is a writer and publisher, pioneering a level of immersion in work and craft as storytelling, display, and art, that is unfettered by expectations or industry standards. 

Breaking the mold of tipped compensation and compartmentalized training, Lewin’s work is focussed on open sharing and strong training and mentorship, designed to build careers, open minds and doors, and lay strong foundations for support in restaurant careers as well as the arts, entrepreneurship, and community. 

Personally named to Zagat Boston’s 30 under 30 in 2013, as well as the 2015 Arts and Industry Award from Opus Affair and 2017 Culinary Stewardship Award from WGBH, Lewin’s first restaurant, Juliet, steps from his home in a rapidly growing suburb of Boston, is a local standout, as well as national success. 

Juliet was named one of the best new restaurants of the year in 2016 by Bon Appetit, Restaurant Of The Year by Eater Boston, has been widely and overwhelmingly reviewed, and has been the recipient of multiple invitations to cook at The James Beard House and in 2018 was jointly recognized by Restaurant Opportunities Center United and The James Beard Foundation for a commitment to raising the standards of employment for the restaurant industry nationwide. 

Katrina Jazayeri

Katrina Jazayeri is a designer, builder, and restaurateur, who uses personal interaction and natural hospitality to encourage alternative ways of looking and working, and to create social change.


Katrina Jazayeri grew up surrounded by the romanticism of food. Her Iranian father and American mother met while working together in a restaurant, and often told stories about mixing caesar salads and steak tartare tableside, painting a picture of classic service and black tie waiters along with the notion of camaraderie within the industry. Frequent dinner parties solidified their status as the ultimate hosts, further exposing Jazayeri to a spirit of hospitality at an early age.  

A graduate of the University Of California at Santa Cruz, Jazayeri was born in Queens, NY, and raised in Austin, TX. This broad awareness of a diverse American landscape, coast to coast and everything in between, foreshadowed a life of connection and proactive community development through work and life. 

Early experience in a social enterprise incubator, as well as leading urban health initiatives, developed Jazayeri’s approach and commitment to address problems of equity, support, and career development with business based solutions. A love of the myth of restaurants, prompted Jazayeri to examine the industry, one of the country’s largest employers, where she found systemic injustice and inequality, and eventually return to the roots of her childhood celebrating hospitality. 

Jazayeri’s first venture, Juliet, was designed with career pathways, dignity, and limitless opportunity into the foundations of the start up plan, and has shown early and significant success in paving the way to a fair compensation model, while providing true step by step mentorship, with no ceilings and equal footing for all. 

Not simply a beacon of opportunity, Juliet is nationally recognized as a standout cuisine and service experience, with its unique open floor plan, designed by Jazayeri, who works in the restaurant daily as the head of service and as beverage director. Her small and sometimes experimental programs are noted regularly for attention to detail, and the joy of discovery of something special. 

Before founding Juliet, Jazayeri trained under Liz Vilardi of Belly Wine Bar, The Blue Room, and Central Bottle, and developed an appreciation for and willingness to work from the ground up, scaling purposefully and attentively, under JJ Gonson of Cuisine En Locale. In 2014, she was named to Zagat Boston's 30 Under 30. 

In Juliet style, Jazayeri’s is a life of nuance and variety, her handmade fashions, Post Oak Designs, are headlined by the custom aprons that have been coveted by chefs, restaurateurs, and other craftspeople since their introduction in 2014. Her craftsmanship can be seen and felt throughout Juliet and beyond, and she is the lead designer for the magazine, Of Juliet, as well as the company’s other publishing projects. In addition to the local and national accolades for Juliet, Jazayeri was the recipient of 2016’s Eater Young Guns Award, and in 2018, one of five national Legacy Awards given by Les Dames d’Escoffier.