Season Ticket, Winter 2019

samuels cassoulet.jpeg
samuels cassoulet.jpeg

Season Ticket, Winter 2019


Secure your seat for all three winter menu productions: 

A Roman Holiday: winter in the Eternal City (BRAND NEW for 2019)

Tracks North: cuisine Quebecoise

Nowruz: a Persian new year

The season ticket is good for one seat at each menu, for the three course menu option. The Season ticket price reflects a 10% discount. All supplemental courses and beverage service, including wine pairings, can be added at the time of booking, or at the time of service. Your season ticket also entitles you to guaranteed seating any night of the menu *

*requires 48 hours notice. seating may be offered at the kitchen counter (bar height, side by side, seating, if the dining room is already booked

includes a copy of this season’s Of Juliet, The Magazine

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