Our Market Season -- Cookbook(let) Pre-orders

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Our Market Season -- Cookbook(let) Pre-orders

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Juliet will be publishing our first cookbook later this month. Really...a cookbook(let). This book will be specifically focused on the farmers market, a sort of seasonal guide to navigating the market season in New England. Steps away from our favorite market in Union Square, Juliet has always been tuned in to cooking flexibly with the growing season. We are sharing a bit of that experience with you.

Our Market Season will be published here, in house, at Juliet + Company, under the same arm of our little but rapidly growing company that publishes of Juliet, the magazine...Prospect Tower Observation. Wow. That's a mouthful.

This arm of what we do is about producing great work, to entertain and educate you, to get you thinking and cooking...but it is also about empowering ourselves and our team to carve out a creative work life of our own design. We are professional cooks, chefs, servers, and managers, and proud of it...but many of us are writers, artists, photographers...even theater producers (so, stay tuned for something live action someday soon). Part of our work at Juliet (ahem... and company, now...) is taking control of that intersection where our restaurant work, which we love dearly, meets our other creative dreams, and polishing that into something great for you.

So, without further ado...Our Market Season by Joshua Lewin and special support from Rachael Collins, illustrated by Jill Petersen, with special thanks to Sam Mangino and Katie Rosengren for design and editing, is now officially available for pre-order!

In company style, Our Market Season, is produced completely in house, utilizing the skills of our team beyond just cooking and service, revenue from the project is shared with the creative team behind it, in an effort to create new, exciting opportunities for our team, by taking control of the entire publishing process we are learning new things and creating sustainable plans for future projects. We hope you'll come along for this new adventure.

Pre orders are available at a discount, to help us better plan our printing and inventory, saving us development money, and passing on that savings to you! Pick up a few copies, for yourself, as gifts for later this year, or tell a friend :)

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