Of Juliet, The Magazine (Subscription)

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Of Juliet, The Magazine (Subscription)


An independent, seasonal magazine, and profit sharing initiative, by the team behind the award winning restaurant. 

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At Juliet, dining is explored as a sort of immersive storytelling. Dinner menus are developed along a theme, and presented alongside original poetry, prose (last fall’s production Les Pommes Sauvages included a five day immersive performance complete with virtual reality time travel), and visual design.

An independent production by the team behind the award winning restaurant, Of Juliet is printed three times each year. Featuring original interviews, short stories, reporting and other features, reviews and opinion, art and photography... and more, Of Juliet is both a close look behind the scenes of this very unique restaurant, as well as a general interest magazine. 

Intended not only as a fulfilling creative project, founded on Juliet’s characteristic excellence in craft, Of Juliet is also an experiment in developing economically viable support structures in the arts. Contributors and staff share in the profit of the project. Like the restaurant itself, supporting this endeavor not only provides a unique and fulfilling experience for fans and readers, but an opportunity to develop skills and be paid for them, for those involved in the creation.

The project is produced and managed by the Juliet team and features the work of both their own staff and outside contributors such as Nina Coomes, whose work has been published by Catapult, EATER, and more.



Juliet is: 

Home Of Somerville’s Most Unique Dining Experience
As well as Juliet Café and Romeo’s At Juliet
Gratuity Free Dining. Living Wages. 
Great food. Great jobs. Great company. 

Katrina Juliet Jazayeri, Proprietor/ Wine Director/ Set Designer
Joshua Lewin, Chef/ Creative Director 

Katie Rosengren, General Manager
Rachael Collins, Executive Sous Chef
Will Deeks, Sous Chef

Of Juliet is: 
Joshua Lewin, Editor in Chief
Katrina Jazayeri, Design and Illustration
Katie Rosengren, Managing Editor 

Contributors (Winter 2018): 
Lucia Jazayeri
Nina Coomes
Megan Guidarelli
Samantha Mangino
Grace Wexler
Will Deeks