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November 24 - December 23

Menu Preview: 

3 courses: 68

5 courses: 95

wine pairings: 30 / 45

shellfish platter: 30

how is it then that we are here again? 

of all the places we have seen and gone...

wedge salad. cabbage and lettuce, tomato, lemon, bleu cheese, salumi

Juliet steak. caramelized onions, two sauces, potato mille-feuille, roasted vegetables 

trifle. chocolate, caramel, mint

optional supplements:

grand shellfish platter. lobster, shrimp, mussels, tuna, boquerones, caviar

NYC oyster pan roast. cream, leeks, calabrian chili

creamed spinach. au gratin

Dinner reservations at Juliet are booked as a pre paid ticket for prix fixe style menus available in three or five courses that change every six to eight weeks with a few extras along the way for holidays.

These menus are full productions celebrating some of our favorite things. They represent a period of research, practice, and iteration and the cuisine and service is presented alongside original prose and poetry as well as art and dynamic design. The experience doesn't stop at the food, the entirety of Juliet is an open stage and everything is on display.

We can only accommodate about 30 guests each evening, we are excited to perform for you. 

Tickets are available here.

As dinner fills up quickly, we also serve an a la carte dinner menu on a walk in only basis, at six seats overlooking the open kitchen. This is a more casual menu, most of the items are fit for sharing alongside some great wine with a front row seat of the show. 


Les Pommes Sauvages

Through Nov 22

Normandy in New England; welcome to our celebration of fall with local birds and faraway flavors. Our chickens are raised for us at Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds in Lexington, the apples from all over the area. 

Standard wine pairings as well as a unique cider and beer pairing. 

This Is Everything I Have To Tell You

I threw small apples down into the road from the top of a hill we called Orchard. You might have been riding in a car that drove over one but you wouldn’t know. I am still throwing them now and their sound striking the street makes a rhythm with the leaves that crinkle under sandaled feet into soft dirt and woodland spores and also the ladder rungs that thump under booted ones. Did you know that some apple trees around here used to be tall like redwood giants? Now most of them are small enough to climb quickly, easily picked clean. Where there are evergreen forests just north of here, not very long ago there were bare mountains sheathed in wool. Where the piou-piou of fluffy white chicks matures into the cot-cot cot-cot-codet of red feathered rangers, a new dream of freedom was shot from a cannon that tore a tunnel between here and everywhere. And all of this could be from so far away, but isn’t it better, or at least just as good, that it is all from right here; this small letter, these giants towering over the excommunication of short-legged sheep, these children hiding in branches; following the falling death of the apples like so many colors of flowers. 




See Our Full Fall Menu Production Schedule Here

Want them all? Season Tickets are available in the Gift Shop, at a 10% discount plus a number of additional benefits. 


No problem. We do that too. But it's walk ins only and comes with a front row seat overlooking the kitchen. See that menu.



Yes. Same place, different time. Different look. See Juliet Cafe