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What We've Done


What We've Done


The year at Juliet is divided into three production seasons. Winter, Spring/Summer, and Fall. 

Here is an archive of all of our unique menu productions. Each menu show is available on its own, or as a season ticket for our most valued supporters. 

The productions start with, but don't end with, the food. Each menu is accompanied by original poetry or prose, and ever changing room design to set the scene. 

In January 2018, each season began to be accompanied by Of Juliet, a magazine and production program directed by Josh and designed by Katrina, with contributions from the restaurant's staff (most notably Katie Rosengren, as Managing Editor) as well as outside collaborators. 

Increasingly, each new or returning menu is beginning to feature behind the scenes photography and video furthering the story, or delivering a peek behind the scenes at production and development. 

To see our schedule of currently running menus, check here

If you are interested in a la carte dining options instead:  dinner or breakfast/lunch/brunch james beard.jpg

Love For Lyon, Union Square Bouchon

Love For Lyon, Union Square Bouchon

First presented in 2017 as a two part production celebrating the cornerstone traditional French cuisine, the Lyonnaise Bouchon, Love For Lyon was extensively pared down and refined for its reintroduction as the premier production of 2018. 

Duck and olive consommé

Duck and olive consommé

That year, Love For Lyon kicked off not only the third year of Juliet's unique production schedule, but also a magazine, and was sought out by the prestigious James Beard House in New York City, where it was presented on February 5th. 

beet terrine. cloumage, soft herbs, puffed rice

duck and olive consommé. orange, mirepoix, garlic

sausage confit. cherry, melted cabbage, mustard

roast duck. cassoulet beans, buttered turnip

panna cotta. buttermilk, mulled cider, nuts

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Nowruz: Persian New Year

Nowruz: Persian New Year

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it’s fine
a new year which
wakes to frozen
time and quiet
like seas of ash
left after the flames
have burnt away
all of the last

but better
on fire 

Our longest standing tradition

A little bit classic, a little bit modern; the perfect way to prepare for spring. A menu based on the bright and varied traditional Persian Cuisine. 

Josh and Katrina have been producing Persian New Year events since 2014 in cities across the country. This now permanent fixture at Juliet comes and goes quickly every year as winter comes to a close. 

The cuisine presented is based on Katrina's background, with a father who is an Iranian immigrant. Her recipe for torshi (Persian pickles) was featured alongside chefs like Daniel Boulud and Jose Andres in The Immigrant Cookbook, with proceeds benefiting the ACLU

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Xenia. Feast Of The Gods

Xenia. Feast Of The Gods

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Feast like gods

Spring, like a lion. Feast on roast lamb, fresh herbs and the year's first fresh beans and peas. 

Premiering in April 2017, Xenia is a celebration of all things spring, filtered through a Greek lens, and is headlined by a family style entree of roast local lamb. The lamb arrives at the restaurant whole, and guests arriving early in the day on Friday can see it being prepared.

The menu is a three or five course vernal procession of plates that runs only six weeks each year. 

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Marseilles March

"Juliet is almost a dream restaurant." -Boston Magazine

Marseilles March

"Juliet is almost a dream restaurant." -Boston Magazine

photo: Nicole Popma for The Improper Bostonian

photo: Nicole Popma for The Improper Bostonian

on a pebbled beach
where the sun sometimes slides
from under
a ceaseless shallow ocean

now the only things
are sounds
of shells on stones
and smells
of salt and flowers
carried by anonymous breezes

a moonless night,
stretches black and tight
like theater curtains
over the sea,
obscuring the difference
between here,
and home

The one that started them all 

Reviewing Juliet for The Boston Globe, Sheryl Julian would have been treated to the first iteration of Marseilles March when she proclaimed: 

"Union square restaurant, Juliet, is a jewel box filled with surprises" 
This is the production that launched our ships, and when it returned for its second year in 2017 began a tradition of presenting original prose and poetry alongside the meal. What's next then... who can really say? 
ratatouille in nice. lentils, summer vegetables,
mussels tartine. rouille, persillade, seaside flowers
soupe a l'oignon. a classic, with a twist
whole branzino. fennel scalloped potato, romesco
tarte aux citron. copy.jpeg

Beach Rose

An Ode To The New England Shoreline 

Beach Rose

An Ode To The New England Shoreline 

beach rose polaroids instagram.png
Eroding dunes where
grass sticks hard
like darts

of memories not forgotten
but never thought
either, just

stepped on, trod under
by feet lined red;
sun’s striations

one resurfaces with
the drag of
a rake

scraping over stones
tossed back, into
waves, to

wash away but only
so far, because
twice during

the day, they wash
back again, to be
scraped and raked

and pulled and tossed
back, but
some are shells with clams
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Our most popular show of the year

This summertime celebration features the freshest that the coastal fisherman and farmers have to offer with standard fare of tomatoes, and farm fresh vegetables alongside hake, lobster, and shellfish, including steamers. Chowder is not forgotten, but presented with a twist. The title for the production comes from the roses that grow along the sandy New England shoreline and are featured in numerous ways on all Juliet menus through the summer.  

tomatoes and burrata. fennel, celery, lemon
corn and lobster chowder

brandade. piperade, chorizo, aioli
pan roast hake. brown butter, rhubarb, summer vegetables

strawberry shortcake.

Beach Rose is a two part production, complemented by Madeira For The Masses. Juliet owner and proprietor, Katrina Jazayeri's, companion ode to the "unofficial official" wine of the American colonies. Madeira is presented alongside Beach Rose between July 4th and the end of September. 

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Les Pommes Sauvages

"Dining as immersive storytelling"

Les Pommes Sauvages

"Dining as immersive storytelling"

This is everything I have to tell you

Headlined by a perfect roast chicken, raised just for Juliet by local farmers Pete and Jen, Les Pommes Sauvages tells the story of a famed French restaurant that disappeared at the height of its glory in Normandy during a total solar eclipse. 

Really. We unearthed (with the help of a few benevolent ghosts) the work of Les Pommes Sauvages to become one of Juliet's premier menu productions. 

Okay, okay. There weren't REALLY any ghosts. But Les Pommes Sauvages was preceded by a five day immersive performance titled These Wild ApplesA combination of dialogue, opera, poetry, and virtual reality, Apples will return each fall. And there was definitely an eclipse. 

Pommes was our first foray into true storytelling that existed even outside of the restaurant itself and featured the most dynamic and complete room design from Katrina yet. A truly landmark dining event. 

Oh, right, the menu: 

Think roast chicken, so many apples, plus mushrooms, brown butter, and truffles; and one perfect tarte tatin. 


Herald. Apples. Nicolaus Czarnecki.jpg

These Wild Apples

A production of Bread + Salt Hospitality, written and directed by Joshua Lewin

Presented in association with Promenade Opera Project, Curio Spice

Set Design................... Katrina Jazayeri

Virtual Reality Design. Ainsley Sutherland

Art Direction................. Lucia Jazayeri

Sound Design............... Joshua Lewin

Special Advisors........... Perrine Marcenac

.........................................Adam Sharp


Special Performances by:

Aurora Birch

Promenade Opera Project

Will Deeks

Claire Cheney

apples postcard poem.png

Juliet's Steakhouse

Dream With Us

Juliet's Steakhouse

Dream With Us

A lavish seasonal celebration, Juliet's Steakhouse remains our most ambitious presentation of cuisine and culture to date. 

Inhabited by three resident photographers, in addition to the opulent throwback to a bygone era, Juliet's Steakhouse spawned our foray into more comprehensive video production and further developed Katrina's ambition in room design and Josh's in enveloping story development and direction. 


how is it then that we are here again?
of all the places we have seen and gone,
this one is here to stay for now, then
do you remember it as I, at dawn
in the winter snow and moonlit morning fall
in the pastel yellow roadway glimmer
parade of cars and horns crawling under tall
cityscapes, reaching through clouds; midsummer
rain pelting down into gutters, splashing
runners purposeful and accidental
scurrying for homes and tunnels and thrashing
through a wilderness unsentimental
except to me and, too, to you
we celebrate here; each time new

Juliet's STeakhouse