"I can't explain it. It's what turns you to powder, being ground between what you can't do and what you must do. You just turn to dust."  —James Salter, Light Years

Over the course of sixteen weeks, ending on Dec. 31, 2015, we published a series of stories at Eater Boston chronicling some the details involved in taking an empty space an turning it into Juliet. Find some excerpts from part 1 below, follow the link to Eater for the full story! 

On the House: Dust and Demolition Signal a New Beginning at the Future Home of Juliet


"I’ve never been so happy to see a man in a respirator mask. Demolition kicks up a lot of dust. Especially when drywall shatters. Or unexpected air ducts emerge, artifacts unearthed after decades sealed, unused, behind walls."

"...how to mentally prepare for the switch that flips in your brain when the exhaustive process of researching, planning, and coordinating is completed; the resulting work is filed with the city for approval. And then everything simply stops."

"The brutal pressure released with the expectant commencement of work. It’s only a matter of days now. No longer the full immovable stop of uncertainty."