A lot has changed in the past year. It was almost exactly this time last year that I left a good job, a job that many of you knew. A safe job and a rewarding one. Exchanged for a little bit of uncertainty, along with a lot of hopeful intention.

Since that time I have been in six different states around the country, four cities in foreign countries; opened and closed (on schedule) our first restaurant, and cooked twice at the James Beard House, once on my own and once with the support of our fantastic team.

We founded Bread & Salt to build a Hospitality company that we could be proud of. A company that supports the people around us, meaning both our neighborhood as well as our partners and staff. A company that is about process and growth. Providing increasing opportunities for enjoyment by our loyal fans, along with increasing challenges and opportunities for reward for our dedicated staff; satisfaction and realization for Katrina and myself.

To that end we began a very purposeful march toward our first restaurant. Beginning with announcing our goals, holding a series of events to introduce (reintroduce) ourselves to our city, some trips around the country to get face to face with some of the leaders of our industry, seeking advice as we solidified our plans.

We opened the temporary restaurant, the seven month running Bread & Salt at Wink & Nod, which was immediately recognized locally, making the nomination lists for prominent awards from Eater as well at BostInno. We attracted the immediate attention of Star Chefs and the James Beard Foundation. Both Katrina as well as our pastry chef, Kate Holowchik, received 30 under 30 awards from Zagat.

Now, one year after beginning, we are excited to announce plans for our first permanent restaurant. The very personal Juliet will be located in our own neighborhood, Somerville’s Union Square, and will be the anchor securing our company; from where we will realize our goals and support our growth.

We are excited to share these initial plans; to involve our immediate community and the greater Boston community as well as our peers nationwide as we move forward with this project. Juliet is a place for us to share. We hope soon you will be looking forward to it as much as we are.