Juliet is closed December 24 - December 26

But you can take home a bit of the party to share with your guests

Pre orders are open until December 20

Orders must be picked up Sunday December 23, between 9am and 8pm

Complete your order by filling out the form below. You will be contacted by the restaurant to confirm and pay for your order. 

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French Onion Soup
Marinated Mushrooms
Creamed Spinach
Roasted garlic cream (gf)
Dried Fruit Compote
with red wine and Persian spices
Juliet's Steakhouse Butter
beef fat and butter whipped with bay leaf and shallot spread it on EVERYTHING
Ragu alla Bolognese
All beef with a bit of chicken liver (finished with cream)
seared and simmered in tomato sauce approximately 12 per quart
Roast Beef
Fully cooked, rare, ready to be reheated or sliced thin for sandwiches. Approximately 3 lbs each, before cooking.
Beef Bourguignon
French beef stew in the style of Burgundy pearl onions, mushrooms, and lots of red wine (contains gluten)
Holiday Cookie Box
Butterscotch pudding, chocolate mousse, ladyfingers, whipped cream, caramel candy. Each trifle serves 6-8 guests
Anything you would like us to know about your order, please note any allergies or requests here.