We love eating at Juliet; unlike many restaurants, we’d love working there too. At their elegant yet accessible European-inspired cafe, chef Josh Lewin and Katrina Jazayeri pioneer an “Open Book Management” approach with staff, employing a comprehensive business-literacy system to help workers build rounded hospitality careers in a gig economy. And there’s no tipping: Juliet pays staff livable hourly wages plus quarterly shares of profits, giving everyone greater incentive—and stronger stakes in collective success.
— The Improper Bostonian
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Juliet’s Guiding Principles:

A healthy view of our position in the community, and in the lives of our guests, staff, and neighbors

A desire to work toward a strong financial future by building good profits, based on fair pricing, and contributing a fair and livable income that grows continually with the growth of our company for our staff, owners, and collaborators

A commitment to treating our guests and staff with equal care and hospitality in understanding how to best serve all we interact with

To train and share our knowledge and skills with those we employ and manage, and to be open to listening, trying, doing, and learning, in a way that contributes to daily improvement; individually, and as a team

To commit each day and moment to the fundamentals of our core work: providing the best food and other products that we can, based on sound technical understanding and training, with service and hospitality always in mind

To act and behave in a proactive manner based on our understanding of standards and style, and to take initiative in situations that are ever changing by nature

To contribute to and uphold a positive work environment through action, attitude, and approach in all circumstances, especially difficult ones, along with a commitment to strong, clear, and complete daily and ongoing communication with our team.

To commit to working toward and returning to these principles each day, and to respond to each new interaction, task, and project or period, with them in mind, even if we are not always perfect.

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